Puppy Preparations

As you prepare for your new puppy, we ask that every family read at least one of the books below.  They will make a tremendous difference in the adjustment of a puppy in your home.  Very few people know how to handle dogs or what dogs respond to…most of the issues are not with the dog.  🙂

Don't forget to...

  • Sign up for puppy kindergarten.  This site will allow you to search for a trainer in your area.  Best to go with someone who focuses on positive methods and has training on how to be a dog trainer. https://apps.apdt.com/eweb/DynamicPage.aspx?webcode=TrainerSearch
  • How to choose a trainer
  • Pick a name
  • Find a vet – make an appointment within 3 days of bringing home your puppy
  • Puppy proof your home – move items up higher, block off the house / garden plants that are poisonous to dogs, toilet lid down or up (your preference)
  • Fence – put in a fence, either physical or electric.  There are pros and cons to both.  Many people have told me they wished they had gotten their physical fence sooner.
  • Order a name tag
  • Purchase supplies – crate (helps with potty training, keeps them safe, it’s like a bedroon of their own.  Find one with a divider so it grows with your puppy.  I like the dual door wire crates as the soft sided ones are too easy for puppies to destroy), food & water dishes, food (we have been feeding your puppy pawTree, Fromm Puppy Gold or Honest Kitchen (or a combination of all).  You can find the products and supplies we use most often here.  BCL Store
  • Toys!!! – Your pupy needs to chew.  Toys provide entertainment, relief from boredom and teething.  They can also help clean their teeth.  If they chew it up, tear it apart or open it up, take it away immediately or it may cause a blockage which could require surgery.  Stronger toys include strong rubber and nylon and rope toys.  Treat or food dispensing toys for food motivated puppies are great.  Bully sticks and hooves are better than rawhide as they breakdown.
  • Insurance – Decide if you want to buy insurance.  I will send you home with a certificate for a free 30 days of insurance from Trupanion, but you must sign up the day your puppy comes home to receive the benefit.
  • Find a puppy playgroup – visit prior to bringing your puppy home to see how the dogs interact.  Do not particiapte until a week after your puppy has had all their vaccinations.

Typical Daily Routine

Having a schedule and sticking to it will be one of the best things you can do for your new puppy.  The puppy will begin to sleep less and play more over time, so adjust your schedule as needed.  Make a schedule that works for both your family and the puppy.  Determine who is responsible for food, water, playtime, training, pooper scooper duty, clean up duty for accidents, cuddle time, and grooming so everyone knows what to expect.