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Buddy (Lexi x Phin)

I can't say enough great things about Buddy, our puppy, or Heather - every (bred) dog should come from such a great breeder!  Heather has been available whenever I have any questions.  Heather also has a facebook owners page which is a great resource to keep in touch with other owners and where she posts the latest research findings, tips, tricks, and advice!,  She obviously puts a great deal into breeding high quality dogs, as shown by all of the paper work your pup goes home with, as well as the excellent job she did correctly having the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test administered.  Heather did a great job socializing Buddy while he was young, getting him off to a great start in life.  Our pup came home nearly potty trained, friendly as can be, and just a year later, he's a certified therapy dog!  He's brought so much joy into everyone's lives that he's met - my husband and I just have to share it through therapy work with him.  I know I'm biased, being his owner and all, but he is the cutest dog ever!  We're regularly stopped and complimented, with people often saying he looks just like a teddy bear as well as complimenting his mellow, happy-go-lucky personality.  


Lexington, MA

Pebbles (Meg x Dublin) and Belle (Lexi x Chevy)

Two years ago, I was in the process of looking for a labradoodle breeder when I got the chance and spoke to Heather.  I chose her because she is so accommodating.  She let me visit her and the puppies at her home.  She is also a member of ALAA which is a plus for me.  I know that she and her husband Randy are ethical breeders.  For all perspective buyers of Blueberry Cottage, I highly recommend Heather and Randy as breeders.  We trust them enough that instead of buying our second puppy from somebody local, my husband and I decided to do business with them the second time around.  Thank you Heather and Randy for Pebbles (Meg & Dublin, 11/01/2014) & for Belle, (8/02/2016).


Southington, CT

Harper (Paisley x Dublin), Einstein (Paisley x Dublin), Fozzie (Paisley x Joey)

Hi Heather! We have Harper, Einstein and Fozzie!  We couldn't ask for more wonderful, loving, sweet pups.  They are a great addition to our family and we love them so much!  We got them all at different times and each time you were fantastic to work with! You are so knowledgeable and helpful.  You make the process smooth and enjoyable.  We recommend Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles to everyone!!


North Haven, CT

Paisley (Paisley x Dublin)

After my labrador passed away at 16, it took a while but I knew I wanted another dog. I also have a shihpoo and two cats so I wanted a friendly, loving dog that would get along with all. Paisley is just that. She is one of the kindest most loving dogs ever. She gets along with all of the other pets and in the past almost two years became one of the family. Heather really took the time to answer all of my questions. We were able to know Paisley from the day she was born. We were kept abreast of everything from her birth to first feeding etc. We were able to visit play with the puppies. Heather matched us to the perfect dog. I am tempted to add another to our family but I think 4 pets is enough for now!! I live in NYC and did a lot of research before choosing Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles and I will definitely choose them again !!!!!!


Maspeth, NY

Gracie (Meg x Max)

We have a Doodle from Blueberry Cottage. We never owned a dog before and had two young kids when we were looking for a puppy, one kid who was very skittish around dogs. Heather was so knowledgeable and patient with us and helped us to pick the pup with the best temperament for our family. We get TONS of compliments on how good she is... And how beautiful she is. If we ever get another dog in the future it will be from BCL!! Thanks Heather!


North Haven, CT

Rosie (Lexi x Dublin) & Lucky (Soda x Dunkin)

Two puppies from Heather and could not be happier! She is a first class breeder of "Australian Labradoodles". Both were described perfectly and get along famously. If there is ever room for another, we have no doubt that Blueberry Cottage will be our choice.


Cheshire, CT

Millie (Lexi x Zak)

We don't even know where to begin with how happy we have been with our Millie (now just over 3 years old, Lexi x Zak)-with all thanks going to Heather (and Randy). We never thought we'd find a dog for our daughter who is allergic, but Heather patiently worked with us to find just the right puppy. Unfortunately, each pup from the first litter we were considering caused a slight reaction for our daughter (very minor, compared to all other dogs!), but it was clear that Heather was going to be careful not to release a dog to us if the allergies were questionable--since that would have been hard on both the the puppy and us if he/she had to be returned. Heather was honest and she was right. We were fortunate that right at that time, a puppy from another litter became available and Heather encouraged us to come and meet this little pup to see if there was an allergic reaction..and lucky us, there wasn't! Heather was kind and thoughtful and clearly had the puppy's best interest (and our best interest) at heart when she matched us with Millie. Also, she made sure that Millie had the temperament for NYC, where we would be living most of the time and she has PERFECT personality for the city, just as Heather thought. We are so thankful for BCL, for Heather and Randy, and for our sweet Millie. When it's time for another BCL, we will go straight back to BCL. Thank you Heather and Randy!


New York, NY

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