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Nutrition is very important.  Having your dog eat a high quality, balanced diet is vital for their health and well being. 

Our most asked question is "What should we feed our puppy?"

Life's Abundance.  We recommend you start by feeding them the same food they are on when they go home as a way to keep as much as possible the same.  Going home is stressful for any puppy so don't stress them more by changing their food.  We feed all of our adults and puppies Life's Abundance All Life Stages.  Some of the things we love about Life's Abundance:

♦ Formulated by a holistic vet. 
♦ Contains wholesome ingredients designed to provide 100% complete nutrition in accordance with AAFCO.
♦ It's always fresh as it's made in small batches and never sitting on the warehouse shelf for more than 6 weeks!
♦ Never had a recall and the recall process is well thought out if needed.
♦ It can be auto shipped so you never run out or ordered as needed...and it's delivered right to your door!
♦ Our dogs and puppies transitioned to it with NO digestive issues!
♦ Order prior to picking up your puppy so it arrives in time!  If you forget, we will have some small bags on hand that you can purchase at pickup day. 
♦ Not only do they have great food, but also treats, supplements, and grooming products!

Our new puppy shopping list includes the following:

♦ ALS Dog Food - 20 or 40 lbs
♦ Pork & Venison Canned Food - 2 cans
♦ Turkey & Berry Treats - 16 oz
♦ Antioxidant Health Bars - 18 oz
♦ Buffalo Bully Sticks - 6 pack
♦ Revitalizing Shampoo - 12 oz
♦ Ear Cleanser - 4 oz
♦ Floor Cleaner - 32 oz

If you are local and wish to pickup from us, please send a quick email about a week before you need food and we will make sure to have some on hand.  

Recall Procedure - Although there has never been a recall in the history of Life's Abundance, they are prepared to notify all customers immediately. Should Life's Abundance for any reason have an issue with one of the products, within minutes Life's Abundance could have the name, phone number, email and address of every one of our customers that purchased the affected batch and start contacting them regarding the issue. They can reach large groups of people with their automatic dialer within a short period of time and have multiple means of getting in contact with someone, including the Independent Field Representatives. While Life's Abundance has never had a recall, their process also ensures they can make direct contact with each customer if needed. We call it premium, delivered."

Please educate yourself about the pet food industry.  Here is a great link to start. 

Pet Food Industry Controversies

All Life's Abundance products are sold through Independent Field Representatives.  We are  Life's Abundance Independent Field Representatives and receive commissions for sales of their products.  If you would like to learn more about the opportunity with Life's Abundance, contact us.

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