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Many of you have asked for an easy way to shop for supplies for bringing your new puppy home. Below are links to products that we use with our dogs and puppies.  Most items are through  We will continue to add products we love to this list, so check back frequently.  

Puppy Preparation - As you prepare for your new puppy, we ask that every family read at least one of the books below AND sign up for training online with either Baxter and Bella or Aly's Puppy Boot Camp.  They will make a tremendous difference in the adjustment of a puppy in your home.  Very few people know how to handle dogs or what dogs respond to...most of the issues are not with the dog.  :)


Baxter & Bella

Use our code BLUEBERRY when checking out at BAXTER & Bella and get an immediate 25% off!

Aly's Puppy Boot Camp

Nutrition/Food/Treats - All of our puppies are weaned to one of the following Life's Abundance foods - All Life Stage, Small & Medium Puppy or Large Breed Puppy.  It will depend on what the momma of your puppies likes as the puppies will be on the same food.  All foods are very high quality, all life stages meaning they are good for both puppies and adults.  To order Life's Abundance online and have it shipped to your home, click here.  We also have a few small bags at our home that you can purchase at puppy pickup.  A great option for our new puppy owners is to purchase the All Stage Healthy Start package.  It includes food, treats, supplements, and grooming products.  

Other high quality food options.  It cannot be purchased online except Amazon.  



Email us for a link and promo code for free samples of Honest Kitchen Food for new Honest Kitchen Customers. Please give it a try...the puppies LOVE it. 

We us the Life's Abundance Porky Puffs, Bully Sticks and Buffalo Lungs most often with our adults. We use the Tasty Rewards and Turkey & Berry Treats for training classes and puppies. Click on any of the pictures to place an order.

Porky PuffsBuffalo Bully SticksBuffalo LungsTasty Rewards

Below are some additional treat options.


Supplements - The following supplements are used as needed around Blueberry Cottage. Coconut oil is great for overall health and a tsp a day can be added to their food.  Organic canned pumpkin (not pie filler) works wonders for both constipation and diarrhea.  Food grade diatomaceous earth can be used in your yard, their bedding or anywhere else your puppy has been to help with flea and tick control.  Sovereign Silver is used for any illnesses...coughing, sneezing, hot spots, itching, scrapes/scratches, diarrhea, etc as it has all natural anti bacterial properties.  I also use it for myself if I feel like I am coming down with a cold.  The agility formula supplement is for dogs who have some joint issues or prevention of joint issues.  For guardian girls, the fish oil, folic acid and geneflora is required.  

Joint Supplement Fish OilYL Lavender



Crates / Beds - I like the wire crates with doors at both ends as they are more sturdy than anything else I have found.  The sherpa crate pad fits perfectly inside the crates and doesn't let them slide around while in the car.  

Small crate (20 lb or less) - 24x18x21

Medium crate (20-35 lbs) - 30x21x24

Medium/Large crate (35-55 lbs) - 36x24x27

Large crate (over 55 lbs) - 42x28x31




Leash / Collar / Harness /  Training


Grooming - We have found the following grooming supplies work about the best when it comes to a doodle, however there is no substitute for an excellent groomer.

 Shampoo  Ear CleanserBath Fresh MistSoothing Mist










We absolutely love the quality of the Precision Pet 38 inch excercise pen as well as the Emperor Rings gate.

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We occasionally receive product samples from companies to test. We feel it important to test-drive products so that we can speak to how they perform and share our opinions about them: good, bad or indifferent.  Our reviews are always fair and honest.  


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