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Older Puppies, Adults or Retired Breeders

The following older puppies and adult dogs are ready for their new forever homes.  These may be dogs we were evaluating for potential breeding candidates or retired breeders.  As difficult as it is, we want all of our adult dogs to live out their lives as spoiled members of a family.  :)

All of our puppies are $2,750 unless otherwise noted.  We offer hand delivery to any where in the US!  We DO NOT ship our puppies.  

Puppy Application

 Rusty georgia

Rusty is retired and looking for a forever home!  Rusty is a first generation labradoodle so he has more of the lab look.  Rusty is friendly, outgoing and exuberent like most labs! He does shed, however he has very low grooming requirements.  Please fill out our application if you are interested in Rusty.

Georgia is also retired and looking for a forever home!  Georgia is a first generation labradoodle with a little more curl than Rusty but she also sheds like all first generation labradoodles and has low maintenance grooming requirements.  Georgia is super sweet, sticks close to her family and loves to be petted!


We don't currently have any other adults, however we do have them from time to time.  If you would like to apply for an adult, please fill out our application and indicate adult in the litter preference field.  

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