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Older Puppies, Adults or Retired Breeders

The following older puppies and adult dogs are ready for their new forever homes.  These may be dogs we were evaluating for potential breeding candidates or retired breeders.  As difficult as it is, we want all of our adult dogs to live out their lives as spoiled members of a family.  :)

All of our puppies are $2,750 unless otherwise noted.  We offer hand delivery to any where in the US!  We DO NOT ship our puppies.  

Puppy Application

Chevy has been neutered and is ready for his new forever home.

Chevy is a big lug of a guy...very stocky!  He is 42 lbs and 20 inches.  He never jumps and is a pretty laid back guy.  Visitors will hear his big warning bark or two before he drops the ball at their feet or climbs into their laps.  He loves his toys and can almost always be found with one in his mouth!  He could roam around the yard for hours checking out all the smells.  He does NOT like male dogs.  His new home will need to have a physical fenced yard and be within driving distance to WI.  He would do best in a quieter home.  He does great with kids.  We would like you to come visit Chevy and spend some time with him prior to making a decision. To be considered for Chevy's forever home, please fill out an application. Chevy will be 3 in August.

Chevy is $500.

Cooper has a new home!!!

He will need a family who wants to continue working with him on his barking.  It is getting better but isn't perfect yet.  We can help you with what needs to be done for Cooper to be successful.  He is good with children, however sometimes forgets his own size and does knock them over by accident.  He can have either a physical fenced yard or an electronic fence.  Cooper is a year old, about 36 lbs and a sweetheart who knows lots of commands.  He is super smart and likes to learn new things.  To be considered for Cooper's forever home, please fill out an application

Cooper is $1000.

Coffee has a new home!!!

Coffee LOVES to play ball and cuddle!  She will always get the ball first and bring it back for you to throw it again.  If she is not ready to come inside she will hide around the edge of the house.  She also loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed. She is crate and potty trained and a sweetheart. Coffee will need a physically fenced yard.  She also climbs right over any baby gates in our home. To be considered for Coffee's forever home, please fill out an application.  Coffee will be 4 in August. 

We don't currently have any adults, however we do have them from time to time.  If you would like to apply for an adult, please fill out our application and indicate adult in the litter preference field.  

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